2016 Volunteer Opportunity 

Implementation Steering Committee Central McDougall 

The chosen volunteer will inform and be the voice of Central McDougall Residents and Businesses to the 

Neighbourhood Revitalization Coordinator, as strategies are put into action.  This will be for an 8 month 

term from February to September 2016 for approximately 8 meetings. 

The Committee’s roles are to promote Project Team opportunities to the community; to monitor the implementation of the action items (provide advice and recommendations to the implementation process);

 and to connect Project Teams to community resources (ensure collaboration and communication within 

the community).

Please Note:  This recruitment process is to fill one position and is only open to Central McDougall residents/businesses.


Full application form: Implementation Steering Committee


Please submit your completed application to the Central McDougall/Queen Mary Park Revitalization Coordinator via one of the following.

E-mail: cheryl.deshaies@edmonton.ca

Mail: Cheryl Deshaies, Neighbourhood Revitalization Coordinator, 2nd Floor - 10835-120 Street, 

Edmonton AB, T5J 2R7

Fax:  780 495-0330

Application Deadline:  January 22, 2016 at 4:30 p.m.

For a February to September term.

Late Applications will not be accepted.