Alberta CO-OP Taxi Line


10538 114 Street, Edmonton, AB, T5H 3Y3



About the company

 Alberta Co-op Taxi was established in 1971, by three taxi drivers whose aim was to create a company in which the drivers had a say in the business they were involved in. From the first day of 4 dispatched trips to today, almost 35 years later Co-op has grown to be Edmonton's largest fleet with over 525 vehicles, 850 drivers and over 5 million calls a year!

After our first 10 years we celebrated with one white taxi as an anniversary car, while the rest of the fleet remained green. It was so popular we changed all the vehicles to white. In addition, that year we became the second taxi company in North America to computerize their fleet.

Today, Co-op Taxi is still a driver/owner and employee owned company. Currently, 123 shareholders elect a board of 5 directors, employ 50 staff members, own their own building, have approximately 2000 corporate accounts and continue to lead the industry by example.

With the best-trained drivers, the lowest fleet fees to own and drive, the best and most innovative fleet insurance, Co-op is the fleet of choice for both drivers and customers.