Alberta Venture Factory    

A culture of innovation, a factory to commercialize


Alberta Venture Factory is a new member-based community designed to enhance the strength of Alberta’s small businesses and entrepreneurs through management training, networking, and small business support services. Factory members benefit from: support; leadership/management expertise; new business opportunities; and commercialization services.


One of its flagship programs is the Business Booster, a combination of workshops and private coaching designed to shape attitudes, develop skills, and apply tools to stimulate business growth. The program focuses on improving operational excellence                        Patrick Binns                         through defining strategic objectives and operational structures. Participating companies will gain business perspective, identify key objectives for change, and work towards completing this objective throughout the program. We are pleased to offer any NEBA members a 10% discount on the first session.


Another key characteristic of Alberta Venture Factory is the community integration and networking, we hold events that inspire new innovation and forge new business connections in the community.  On Dec 3rd the Factory is hosting an Innovation Storm on Lifestyle Environments: Home Automation, focusing on technology solutions that support comfortable and independent lifestyles at home.  Consider attending to contribute ideas or find out more about the impact of lifestyle technologies.


Founder and President Patrick Binns: “I have a strong passion for local innovation and strong, smart leadership.  I believe that working together as a community supports great ideas and fosters strong businesses.”

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·         Lifestyle Environments: Home Automation - Dec 3, 2016  Read more

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