Blitz Conditioning Gives Tips for Tiptop Shape over Winter


With the holiday season right around the corner, everyone anticipates plenty of parties and gatherings filled with an abundance of food and drinks. While you will want to indulge guilt-free, you know fully well that you yourself must be proactive with your health and wellness.


North Edge recently spoke with Erika Barootes, HIIT instructor at Blitz Conditioning, seeking advice and tips for our readers on how to stay fit and active during the holidays. It turns out you can still have that glass or two of wine without feeling guilty!


Barootes shared insight on how this can be done: "Find something fun…[something] exciting and motivating! When you have Christmas parties plus a thousand other things going on, the last thing you want is to not look forward to your workout."


Here are three pieces of advice Erika provides to plan a workout routine this winter season:


1.   Have a friend to workout with you.

Having a workout companion with you is extremely helpful. As your motivator, they will push you and help you hold yourself accountable to giving your best.

2.   Get outdoors when you can.

On a nice sunny day you can easily find many great activities to do. Edmonton has a plethora of fun outdoor activities from snowshoeing and cross-country skiing to skating at Hawrelak Park or the Legislature grounds. Have fun while exercising!


3.   Set your workouts. Set appointments for your workout into your weekly schedule. This will ensure you stick to them despite other commitments creeping into your life. Having the time set aside in advance allows you to invite others to join you or understand when you will be busy.

What if you are stuck at home because Edmonton has been hit with a blizzard? Choose a variety of indoor exercises to change up your workout. What about prepping for Christmas dinner?  Reduce stress by sparing just a few moments. Be attentive to opportunities to complete just 10 exercise reps for fitness, fun and of course, results!


Barootes recommends the following exercises which will get your heart rate up!


1.Squats (tutorial for Narrow Wide Squat)

2.Push ups   (correct Push Up form)

3.Tri (tricep) Dips  (How to do Dips)

4.Walking Lunges (Tricks for Walking Lunges)  


For more information on proper form, techniques and more instructional videos visit Blitz Conditioning’s YouTube channel. Blitz Conditioning offers personal training and group classes (So you don’t have to work out alone!). For information, schedule for classes and more visit


Remember: you work out for yourself. Stay positive and motivated!


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