Bylaw Officers will show no warmth to businesses failing to remove ice and snow!


Just a reminder to all North Edge businesses for this upcoming winter season that hospitals and doctor’s offices tend to fill with those who have unfortunately slipped and fallen on snow and ice left on sidewalks. 

People with limited mobility, the elderly, children, parents pushing strollers and everyday pedestrians all experience difficulties walking on snow and ice-covered sidewalks. Uncleared walkways also make it treacherous for people who deliver services to citizens and businesses - mail carriers, meter readers, delivery drivers, firefighters and paramedics. 

Under the Community Standards Bylaw 14600 via Section 7, it is the responsibility of the property owners to clear the sidewalks adjacent to their property after a snowfall. This includes business properties. Businesses who fail to keep sidewalks adjacent to their business clear of all snow and ice will be ticketed and  charged the cost to have the City remove the snow. This cost is usually upwards of $200 and courtesy warnings will not be issued!