Capital City Athletics: Crossfit For Everyone



Clayton McAdam and Ryan Shedney have a lot in common. On meeting at a competition several years ago, they discovered a shared interest in fitness, weightlifting, and the emerging sport of CrossFit. A few short years later, those shared interests have led to the opening of Capital City Athletics.


“I was thinking about opening a gym in Edmonton,” says McAdam, “and was trying to think of who a good partner would be. I thought about it for a few weeks, and suddenly one day my phone rang. It was [Ryan], and he said ‘I’ve been thinking – we should really open a gym.’” A year and a half later, Capital City opened its doors.


All 6000 square feet of CCA’s open concept, raw cinder-block facilities are dedicated to CrossFit, a strength and conditioning program focused on holistic, full-body fitness. “CrossFit covers all the domains of fitness,” says McAdam, “It takes an everyday person and makes them better at everything.” Utilizing a wide range of equipment, from traditional weights and rowing machines to climbing ropes, concrete balls, gymnastics rings, and weight sleds, CCA offers unique daily workouts incorporating various forms of gymnastics, plyometrics (exercise based around explosive movements), cardio, and weightlifting.


Unlike traditional gyms, all workouts at CCA are group activities, with hands-on direction and coaching. The group aspect, says McAdam, helps keep participants challenged and motivated by providing an air of support and friendly competition. “You’re going to push yourself harder,” he notes, “You’re not going to stop. You’ve got coaches talking you through, and other participants encouraging you, keeping you going.”




While CrossFit may have a reputation as a more extreme form of exercise, McAdams suggests that isn’t the case. “We can scale anything,” he says, “We can scale things back, use lighter weights, and do different progressions so you can learn the movements.”


For best results, McAdam recommends that beginning CrossFitters plan on attending 3-4 workouts a week. And with CCA offering nine one-hour workouts a day and discounted introductory rates, it’s easy and affordable to do so.


McAdam and Shedney are also excited to be a part of the growth opportunities they see coming for the North Edge. “We see the potential in this area, and want to be part of that. We did our research on the demographics and the opportunity for growth. We want to get in on the ground floor and be part of the community as much as we can.”


Alongside their regular in-house workouts, CCA plans to offer specialized workshops teaching skills such as power or Olympic lifting and a range of outdoor activities. “In the summer,” says McAdam, “we’ll do stairs, running, and outdoor boot camps as well.”


Schedules for all activities can be found on the CCA website, and participants can register in person or online.



Capital City Athletics
11505 - 106 ave
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