Chimo Youth Retreat Centre 


Suite 103, 10585 111 Street, Edmonton, AB, T5H 3E8



About the company

   Chimo is a place where youth can learn all kinds of skills, information and tools to help them succeed as young adults! We have programs that provide housing, day programs and training programs to meet the individual needs of our youth.

   In 1970 Chimo was founded as a private, non-profit society. The original mandate for the group care program was to provide interim care for youth in the Edmonton area. Over the years, as the needs of the community have grown and changed, the mandate, services and programs of the Chimo Youth Retreat Centre have kept pace.

   The Chimo Youth Retreat Centre aims to reintegrate youth experiencing a range of challenges back into the community through a variety of supportive programs. It is our goal to provide an environment that fosters positive personal growth and we are committed to ensuring quality services to every one of our youth.

We employ a holistic approach and consider the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs of each child. The central focus of our programs is the obligation to maintain respect for the dignity and value of each individual. 

   We also seek and support partnerships in the community to share expertise and resources to enhance the programs we provide.