Colours Artist Supplies   


            69 Years


Placed at the geographical centre of Edmonton, Colours Artist Supplies supports artists’ talents with supplies that enable artistic beauty. A multi-phased history led to this year's celebrations. 


Keith Harcus shares, "We started Keith's Repair Services out of a house here Feb. 1, 1975. A 20 minute trip from here took me to every area of the city. We also made repair trips across all of Alberta, and even beyond to Yellowknife. Customers also easily dropped off equipment here, in the centre of the city. In 1980 we opened an artist supply store which grew steadily. In 2002, we took on the name Colours Artist Supplies after buying that company in Saskatoon.  

Colours Artist Supplies carries a dynamic and wide collection of supplies for every artist’s needs. We continue to grow in new ways. For our 69th Anniversary, we completed renovations to 8 apartments on the second floor of our 105 St. location. We will keep growing along with the new life in the North Edge District.

The district has grown up around us with many changes taking place. I served on the Board of Directors of North Edge Business Association since 2009. Now the investment community hungrily eyes properties near us. Engineering and small retailers benefit from low rental rates while being in the shadow of downtown and city hall. With Roger’s Place being finished, MacEwan University nearby and NAIT to the north, many opportunities can arise in the next few years. Hold onto your hat, this area will take off in the next 5 – 10 years!”



Colours Artist Supplies
10660-105 St NW
Edmonton, AB