David Candler: 

              Sustained Supporter of the Arts


Nominee for The Mayor's Celebration of the Arts 2016  


 A giant passion for 

                nurturing new artists.


David Candler's original vision:“What I       want is to build artists’ careers and build collections. I’m interested in bringing      visual art to all.” 

"Art, specifically visual art, is really important. There are talented artists who have valuable things to say. However, they don’t have the soap box to do so. I am determined to take their art the furthest they can.

The artists we support stimulate me to do the work we do. People who invest in art also help to keep us going. The artists and certain interested eyes from further afield are watching a small gallery in a rather remote outpost.  We have built a small and growing audience through art fairs and art events

It is incumbent that artists’ work is shown outside of their locale. For many artists, creating art that is not simply pretty or pleasing is hard to do without sacrificing their passion - art that pushes buttons. We want artists to thrive without having to water down their message.

The kids who couldn’t not make stuff, who couldn’t not make amazing things. When you see them, you know them. Those are the artists I love to work with. These are the artists that you can strip naked and stick them in a room they will find a way of making something because they have to.  Those are the artists I try to support the best I can, and allow them to make whatever is true to who they are - to their vision - because for me, that’s the most interesting work.

Three Year Vision: 

I began showing work in Montreal and Toronto through art fairs which build the gallery brand as well as for the artists'. We have displayed in pop-up shows on three occasions. Our goal is to increase our presence at art fairs across North America in the next twelve to eighteen months, then in Europe the year after that. 

Could this happen sooner? It did. We say yes to nearly every opportunity. It is uncommon for a gallery to display at art fairs in its first few years.

Most recently, we were invited to a small but significant art fair in New York a year before we planned to be in the USA. We were delighted to be able to present Amalie Atkins’ Three Minute Miracle installation (click hereat Moving Image New York, March 3-6, 2016. (click hereThis was the first year Canadian galleries were invited to exhibit at Moving Image (click here), and we were honoured to do so.

David Candler’s passionate commitment to support emerging artists ensures a glowing future. The 2016 Mayor’s Celebration for the Arts gives us but a glimpse of what will surely come. 


David Candler nomination announced in Edmonton Journal: read here