Integrated Management & Realty LTD. 


10558 115 Street, Edmonton, AB, T5H 3K6



About the company

   Integrated Management & Realty Ltd. (IMR) is a privately held corporation that has been developing industrial, office, retail and multi-family properties and assets for nearly a decade in northern Alberta.

   IMR is purposefully and strategically built to provide clients, on a fee for service basis, with all of the skill sets required to be their "outsourced" development, property management or asset management department or team in order to facilitate the successful completion of their required function(s). IMR has personnel skilled in achieving professional results which meet the objectives of those we serve, including the following types of functions: acquisition and re-zoning of development land, planning and implementation of servicing of land, creation and development of Area Structure Plans (ASP's) to accommodate Municipal requirements, marketing of land or buildings, planning and coordination of building construction, managing income producing assets or providing asset management services.