Business and Non - profit Training 

Historic Trauma & Aboriginal Client Services Workshop 

Learn how historic trauma shapes Aboriginal client behaviour. With this in mind, best practises for providing Aboriginal client services will be explored. By understanding these core issues the group will discuss best practises for serving clients. Click to register


Business Law

Lawsuits can be costly and devastating to your business. As a manager or supervisor you understand that you  can be held legally liable for the decisions that you make and be held accountable for how you manage your people.


Learn the fundamentals of employment law and safeguard your company by attending this powerful one day workshop.


This intensive hands-on workshop will help you to understand the vital points of employment law and how they affect you and your organization.  Click to register:

Company presenting:  Click here



THINK TANK Conversations - Volunteer Recognition:  

Attend this brainstorming, problem-solving         and idea sharing session with an open mind       and you will come away feeling rejuvenated 

and ready to take action!  Click to register  





Event Planning 


         create event plans 

                  manage the planning process 
                                 create evaluation reports
                                                   coordinate all elements and details involved 
                                                                                                               for successful events.
Enjoy Your Event!   Click to register


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