Rogue Wave Coffee: Hopes, Dreams, Action

"You start to develop a relationship with coffee."

Fascinating tastes bring coffee lovers from near and far to Rogue Wave Coffee.  This hidden 

gem at Blue Skys Arts Lofts situated in the heart of Queen Mary Park, draws a steady stream 

of loyal followers.

Co-owner Dave Laville shares, “We carry over 200 varieties of beans from Panama, India, 

Ethiopia, Colombia, Yemen, Peru, and Costa Rica to name a few. We size down to 200 grams 

for a sample roast.  If the customer likes them, we order more in.

We also profile. We roast beans in different ways to bring out unique flavours.”

Business building for coffee bean sales grew mostly by word of mouth. Social media continues 

to raise the next level of sales.

Pour Over: 

An enthusiastic Dave:  “Our first love is the Pour Over. A pour over is a way of making coffee where the

person is the coffee maker. It’s not pushing a button where a machine is making the coffee for you. It’s addicting. You start to develop a relationship with coffee. For example, you’ll do the blooming phase, where you wet the grinds of coffee and gases will exit the grinds. It’s settling the bed, the coffee to be ready for the flavours to be extracted.  A coffee will react very differently three days post roast vs six days post roast. 

You start to feel that you form this relationship with coffee. It’s really neat to see how different coffees will bloom, the colours will come out, the gases that will come out. It’s an addictive road to go down.

We are always experimenting with different pour over methods using a variety of pour over tools 

like the Hario V60 and the Kalita Wave. We’ll work with diverse methods to always improve the flavour of the coffee we are serving.”

Coffee culture honestly has exploded in the last few years

Sheila, Rogue Wave Customer.

Rogue Wave firmly believes in a single minded focus of constant, continuous increase in bean roasting quality and pour overs. “We are always striving for improvement in coffee taste. We hope the coffee we are serving today is better than that which we served three months ago.”

Dr. Demming wrote extensively on quality control. “I’m a big fan of striving to improve quality,” 

insists Dave. “With coffee we get to control what beans we bring in, how we’re roasting them, 

how it’s served. So we have a lot of control over the means of production.”

To improve business

“We look to a location where we could be open into the evening.  We like being a part of the lively upbeat heart of the city. We hope we are going in that direction. This location is just outside the downtown core. We like being here. People can walk here from downtown. We like being that 

hidden gem.  With the arena opening we hope there’ll be more walk in traffic. More residential buildings going up around the arena would be the best thing for us.”

Rogue Wave Coffee attracts and retains avid coffee lovers through an attentive, personal touch 

when roasting coffee beans. 

Dave: “I’d love to see more competition for quality. I would like more independent coffee roasters in Edmonton. Once you have a certain critical mass it lifts everyone up. Coffee is a diverse culture.  With greater competition more types of coffee beans would be roasted offering more unique tastes to customers.”

Dave looks forward to the next year and a half, “We want to grow. We want to bring on real, passionate coffee people. We want to be at the point where we can add to the team. And we never want to lose our small batch capacity. We also want to keep our small batch roasting capacity. We like doing small amounts of very, very interesting beans. Hopefully we’ll be serving unique coffee in the next year or two years. We’d try every bean in the world if we could.”

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