Ron Graham:  Financial Planning a Joy!

“I love what I do.”  “I take my work home with me and enjoy it.”


How many Edmontonians feel so positive about their profession, which shines like Ron Graham does with 

his joy of work? 


Most clients desire clear and effective retirement planning. Graham and Associates specialize in helping them to determine if they are on track on time or not.  They are asked if they will be able to live within the savings they set up so far. Many can retire on $2-3,000 per month. A few cannot live within $10,000 per month. 


At his first meeting with a client Ron likes to:

      1.  Help them clarify and achieve their financial goals:  pay off debts? Or, take on investments?  

      2.  Show people how to determine priorities such as: save money, reduce spending, increase income, or eliminate debt.

Individuals with an Employer Pension fare better in retirement savings than private financial plans. 

However, Canadians overall are not saving enough to maintain their lifestyle. Ron has changed this by successfully guiding many Edmontonians.


Did you know you could become a millionaire just by saving $2,000 a year? How? Start early! Young people who begin saving in their early twenties and continue to do so attain wealth.   Why?

First:  They do not get used to spending their entire income. Their income will likely increase plus the savings will also rise.  Second:  Compounding of Interest over time bears great financial rewards.


How Clients Begin Saving: 

      1.   Complete a cash flow analysis to discover where the money is being spent

      2.   Determine goals and compare current spending to the goals. If a family is spending on items other than 

          their goals, they may stop doing so, or change their goals.  Many clients make changes to effectively 

          save a specific amount each month.


Ron takes his clients through a 6 step Financial Plan which includes a periodic financial check-up. Some 

clients need a yearly follow up. Most meet him every 3-5 years for a review of their progress.

When markets fluctuate Graham sleeps peacefully at night.  He teaches clients to be at ease because their 

stable investments ride easily through markets fluctuations. 


Ron Graham does not sell financial products and he guides each person or family through their specific needs. This approach makes his advice very appealing.


His business largely grew through word of mouth referrals. Some new clients approached him after seminars he taught for businesses, companies and retirement sessions.  His success is retained along with the success of his clients who return for advice over and over again for twenty years.


Learn financial planning basics.