Sailin' On Food Truck  

10575 - 114 St., Edmonton, AB T5H 3J6




Late at night in Portland, Oregon, while ordering a vegan poutine called Potato Champion, the idea came, "Why not start a food truck?!". Hence, Sailin' On food truck was born. 

Soon Mike Brennan, Garrett Kruger and Dallas Thompson teamed up to design meals for omnivores and especially gluten free foods for anyone with a dietary restriction. 

Mike Brennan's experience at Cafe Mosaics Vegetarian Restaurant with Dallas Thompson as a dishwasher and their punk rock band bonded them together for the Sailin' On food truck adventure.

Best Food Truck 2014

The scrumptious taste of their foods makes Sailin' On wildly popular, to the point of being awarded Best Food Truck 2014. You can track their food truck by clicking on their site or following them on Twitter @sailinon780


The quality of Sailin' On Food Truck draws families who create young eager vegan lovers.














Liane Faulder, Edmonton Journal video interview:  click