Schif And The City: Building Brands Through Social Media


According to Media Technology Monitor, one-third of English-speaking Canadians check their social media feeds seven days a week, while nearly three-quarters log in at least once a month. From the perspective of Ingrid Schifer, chief “Narrator” and CMO of social media marketing mavens Schif And The City, this represents an amazing opportunity for businesses.  “Imagine you walk into a huge stadium,” says Schifer, “someone hands you a microphone, and you can say whatever you want…That's the beauty of social media - it gets in front of your customers before they know they're going to be your customer.”


Schifer first saw this potential as she worked in corporate wireless sales. “It was when the internet first became available on phones - mobile browsers,” she recalls. "I immediately saw the benefit of social media - it allows a business, a brand, or an entity to advance its sales cycle and build rapport without having to be face-to-face.” When clients began asking for training in using social media for sales, she decided to form Schif And The City and begin to share her expertise.


A common mistake for businesses, notes Schifer, is to treat social media as a one-way commercial broadcast. In reality, she contends, it’s an opportunity to build relationships with potential customers. “We use the three C’s - connect, converse, and convert. You have to offer content that isn't boring, self-absorbed, or just trying to promote and sell. It's about building authentic connections.”


To that end, Schif And The City fields a committed team of adaptive social media experts that act as brandambassadors for their clients. “One moment they may be talking slang to a group of car lovers, and the next minute it's affluent opera attendees,” Schifer notes, “Businesses are about being profitable, but we believe in doing it in a way that's authentic and leveraging a company's culture. That all comes

through in how we represent them online.”

To maintain this authenticity, Schifer insists on personal interaction, eschewing shortcuts such as automated content, or creating fake likes or followers. “We use live tweeting – live people – whether on location or just available to interact. It's not a commercial, it's actual conversation.”

The opportunity for personal connection is also what Schifer loves about her business’ location in the Julius Ekert Building and the North Edge Business District. “I was floored by how many different businesses there are here. It's like living where there's a sense of community and everyone is keeping an eye out for each other.”


“I fell in love with the area - the proximity to downtown, an address that's not intimidating to people – [my clients] feel comfortable coming here.  I'm excited about Rogers Place opening, the plans for 105 Ave, the Facade Improvement program - these are huge developments that are really going to change this street, this block, this area.”


Schifer has also had the opportunity to work closely with North Edge executive director Laurene Viarobo, presenting a member's workshop on the return on investment from social media, and helping to promote and coordinate the recent Street Jam Party on 114 St.I've worked with other business associations in the past and I feel that Laurene is really on the street, really connected. I'm fully on board with where she wants our area to go. It's inspiring. It's real. Her heart is in it - she's authentic.”


As well as social media management, Schif And The City offers design, website, and branding services, to help their clients create and market a cohesive online presence for their businesses. 




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