The Lingnan


The Lingnan (1947) stems from the first wave of Chinese migrants bringing a blend of Asian and Western tastes to their table.  “We are really hands on. We pride ourselves on being kitchen based and family oriented. Everything starts from the kitchen. The food is our key,” says Miles Quon, Manager. “The lemon chicken is gently crispy, with the lemon sauce, it just melts in your mouth," Haxel exclaims. Allison says, "The Szechwan beef is awesome along with the green onion cakes and chili sauce.

The traditional family setting in their North Edge location brings a stream of kids, grandkids and great-grandkids, even all four generations of families. Famous tastes, plus their generous family welcome and attentive staff create a relaxing, enjoyable meal.  “Our meals bring loyal clientele during all seasons. Christmas Eve is our busiest time.  We also do a lot of deliveries,” shares Miles. This way, The Lingnan eases the joy of heavenly tastes in your home.  

The charming and inviting interior is beautifully decked out in classic Chinese red, gold and black. Miles invites families to share times together in their family room even rented by several restaurants.The Lingnan is accessible for all abilities, and provides a quiet, yet traditional experience which is perfect for all types of occasions. The Quon Family and staff understand sensitive celiacs and offer a variety of gluten free dishes to meet these challenges. Their detailed menu descriptions inspire and tantalize.


 The lemon chicken is gently crispy, with the lemon sauce, it just melts in your mouth,” Hazel.

Lingnan Celebrated

The Lingnan, was featured in Chop Suey on the Prairies where the family donated items to the museum exhibit of Chinese Restaurants on the Prairies.

The Lingnan carved a path for New Canadians by being the first immigrant family restaurant featured in The Quon Dynasty, City TV, and on The Food Network. A Cantonese version was released on Omni TV. “If we can do it, you can do it too,” says Amy Quon.

Avenue Magazine awarded The Lingnan as the #1 best in Chinese Food in Edmonton 2016. (Best Chinese) The Lingnan’s classy perfect taste of sweet and savoury makes their Lemon Chicken Canton addictive, to tempt you to enjoy many more full-flavoured delicacies.  Explore their menu to try new and exotic dishes.

The Lingnan



Kinman Quon, The Lingnan Owner                                        Amy Quon, The Lingnan Host 

 The Lingnan                                                                       Owner:  Chicken For Lunch

The Lingnan Express in St. Albert.                                                          


             Pork and mixed green vegetables 












                                                                                                           Ginger beef