Two Gift Offerings:


Healing Connections & Capital City Athletics


"Our health is our biggest asset," declares Jane Lightbody.

Healing Connections and Capital City Athletics are situated on 115 St. very near each other. "It eases the parking issue when clients of both businesses are from the North Edge and not driving in from other areas of the city to park.  


We are encouraging businesses to work together.  Why reinvent the wheel each time when it comes to marketing and getting the word out about our businesses and what we each do.  Clayton and I are in a similar field of health and it makes sense for us to work together as our businesses can support each other.  

Healing Connections is a Wellness Centre that has been in the North Edge for over a decade.  We have an incredibly devoted and talented group of Massage Therapists, CranioSacral Therapists, Reiki, Bodytalk, Intuitive , Energy and Shamanic Healers.  We also have trainings in both CranioSacral and in Shamanic Healing.  We host specialty yoga classes and voice classes. We also carry an assorted line of health products for the home.   We carry essential oils and have regular free classes teaching people about how to use and the benefits of essential oils."

Clayton McAdam states, "Our businesses complement each other. After exercise, an infrared sauna fits well."


"At Capital City we have clients of all shapes and sizes. No one has a need to fear that they will meet only highly chiseled bodies here. Our functional CrossFit training is a total body weight treatment that anyone can do at home. Yet, motivation swells as exercisers feed off the energy of the group.  


We have several classes per day. In each, instructors ensure the safety of new members. Everyone can do CrossFit. It's not easy, but it does get results."  


Jane Lightbody of Healing Connections and Clayton McAdams of Capital City Athletics invite new customers

to take advantage of the Two Gift Offerings. 


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