Central McDougall/Queen Mary Park

 Neighbourhood Revitalization


Urban Design Improvements


Open House

The City of Edmonton is in the final stages of an Urban Design Analysis to identify

areas of improvement in the neighbourhoods of

Central McDougall and Queen Mary Park.

Join the Urban Design Team and prioritize the ideas generated during the Walkabouts

and focus group meetings in January to February of this year.


Monday – May 30, 2016


Prince of Wales Armouries Heritage Centre ‐ 10440‐108 Avenue


4 p.m. to 8 p.m.


For more information, please visit


or contact Cheryl Deshaies, Neighbourhood Revitalization Coordinator at

cheryl.deshaies@edmonton.ca  or call 780 442‐1652.

“To improve Edmonton’s livability, the City intends to focus on the people concerns associated with improved livability by concentrating efforts on prevention and getting  

to the root causes or barriers that are in the way of achieving a more livable city. This 

goal is focused specifically on the strategic areas of welcoming, safety perception, cleanliness and aspects important to the notion of urban village creation.”